Northern Michigan Oil Paintings

As an artist in Northern Michigan, David Krause has access to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. The scenic views of Northern Michigan – the Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City, the majestic hills of Petoskey, and the spectacular views of the Lake Michigan horizon from Harbor Springs – produce incredible sunsets unique to the area. Through his original oil paintings on canvas, David strives as a painter to translate the visual beauty into more abstract forms employing the colors of Northern Michigan skies.

Extensive travels throughout the Southwest have also had a strong influence on his work. The skies – whether dawn, dusk or stormy – over an Arizona desert provide the inspirational engine necessary to paint the spectacular vistas. The Santa Fe, New Mexico, area has also been the breeding ground for many of his colorful, abstract paintings.

"It's the sheer magnitude of colors over the desert at early morn and at twilight, a strata slowly but continully changing. A recent trip to the Santa Fe area presented a wonderful opportunity to photograph these events for later work in my studio, where these representational images provided a basis for more abstact canvases. To me, it's all about the interplay of color and the Southwest, with endless horizons, is ground zero." - Dave




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