David graduated from Albion College, a small private school in Michigan, with a Fine Arts degree. A four-year term as an officer in the U.S. Navy interrupted a promising career in professional golf after which a new direction was pursued… that being landscape architecture. Mr. Krause opened his office in 1970 and throughout a 25-year career his firm was awarded many national honors for design excellence. His office completed projects throughout the country and the Caribbean always providing design challenges yet 3-dimensional satisfaction when completed.

After retiring in 1995 and missing the design field, he began exploring oil painting… and a second career was born.

“In very basic terms, my work is the relationship of colors and shapes. It is not unusual to present a heavy or darker top and/or base, which helps to compress my intent to magnify brighter tones and reduce escape. Inspiration begins with skies and the interplay between forms and colors presented by the sun's brilliance and allows for the ample use of my interpretation. Because of these every-changing events, the flow of colors and their basic structure permits a freedom not available elsewhere in nature... and I attempt to take every advantage of these opportunities.”

"These color and shape relationships, then, form concepts for further abstract pieces, principally unrelated to skies but inherently connected. And there is always the subtle evidence of Mark Rothko running through my blood."

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